Obtain unbiased information, from one of our program coordinators!

Site Content



During this step, we set up an appointment to see if it’s advantageous for you to take advantage of the programs! At this step, we gather basic information and you’re electric consumption. We then return at the appointment time and share with you what solar can do for you.



At this step we check to see if you qualify for any of the incentives available. If you qualify, we then authorize preliminary paperwork to move on to the next step!

Site Survey


Now we inspect your property! We want to make sure that this structure can withstand the install as well as inspecting your attic for structural faults, shingle life expectancy, main electrical panel, and other struct and electrical components. With these results, we can determine if we should proceed.



As the step states, this is where we apply for permits, assuming we moved on to this step. Here we go to your town hall, apply and obtain permits. If we can obtain them, we move on. 



CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is where we mount you new power plant! This typically varies by size. The larger your project, the more time it would take to complete. Your program coordinator can give you a much better time frame. 

Permission to Operate


Here, your system goes live! After various inspections, from the town and utility company, you have been granted the power to produce power! Now you officially have gone green!